Requirements for Building a Safe Driving Mobile Learning Environment for Positive Behavioral Change of Boda-Boda Riders in Uganda

Paul Birevu Muyinda Godfrey Mayende Anthony Tibaingana Patrick Lugemwa Priscilla Asiimire Lillian Mbabazi Eva Mirembe Shallon Atukunda Innocent Tuhirirwe Richard Kajumbula Nazarius Turyakira Judith Winnie Nzala Joseph KB Matovu Ronald Amanyire
Commercial motorcycling industry also commonly known as Boda-Boda industry has become a major source of livelihood for most of the unemployed youth in Uganda. The industry, however, is chaotic, unprofessional, unregulated and a public health challenge. In a bid to organize, regulate and make the industry safer for road users, Government of Uganda has organized occasional road safety campaigns targeted at commercial motorcyclists (also known as Boda-boda riders). These campaigns have yielded insignificant results because the cyclists do not give them the attention they deserve. Poor attention and attendance are accorded to the campaigns because the cyclists are always on-the-go looking for the next passenger. The poor uptake of these campaigns can be enhanced if they are packaged and accessed as andragogical ‘doorstep’ safe driving campaigns. Doorstep safe driving campaigns can be actualized through mobile learning (m-Learning). However, there is lack of knowledge on requirements for building a mobile learning-based safe driving environment for boda-boda riders in Uganda. Using a cross sectional survey employing concurrent mixed method approach, this paper has adduced system, sensitization, training, and content requirements for a safe driving ‘doorstep’ m-learning campaign and training aimed at inculcating positive behavioral change for safe driving by riders. The campaign should be sustained on riders’ smartphones in Luganda language using audio and text media. Sensitization messages that are in line with Government’s road safety regulations should be coherent, well thought out and broadcast to riders daily. Constructively aligned training modules on road safety, basic mechanics and defensive driving should be hosted on the m-Learning environment for riders to partake of on-the-go. These requirements should be able to support the building of a mobile safe driving learning environment.
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