Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State

Nna, Florence Adamma
In recent years, the concepts of corporate social responsibility have risen to the fore in both developed and developing countries as a result of a growing perception of corporate misconduct. For millennia, people have believed that businesses have responsibilities to society in addition to producing profits for shareholders. The study examines the effect of corporate social responsibility on organizational performance from the perspective of the banking sector in Nigerian economy. Three hypotheses formed the basis of the study. Descriptive survey research design method was adopted, the findings of the study reveals that corporate social responsibility has positive and significant impact on organizational profit, customers’ loyalty, and employees’ loyalty. According to the findings, corporate social responsibility has a favourable impact on both financial and non-financial performance. As a result, the study recommends that businesses engage more in corporate social responsibility in order to improve their overall performance.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

ISSN(Online): 2768-105X

Frequency: Quarterly

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