Turnover Intention in Private Organizations: The Impact of Or-ganizational Support and Job Satisfaction

Elvira Azis Mohammad Awalludin Mohammad Riza Sutjipto Arif Partono Prasetio
High turnover of employees can become a major problem facing by many organizations. Thus research in area of turnover has increasingly important. This study investigates the effects of perceived organizational support on job satisfaction and turnover intentions in private sector. It is crucial to discuss from theoretical and practical perspective regarding the level of turnover intention and whether it can be explained by relational factors such as organizational support and satisfaction. We distributed 600 questionnaires to four private companies (banking, construction, textile, and retail). We received a total of 447 usable participants. Descriptive analysis, correlation and regression analysis were conducted and mediation effects were examined using Macro Process with bootstrapping procedure. Perceived organizational support has impact on job satisfaction (positive) and turnover intention (negative). Job satisfaction mediated the relationship between perceived organizational support and turnover intention. Adding job satisfaction into the calculation will help decrease employee’s intention to leave. Organizations should put high priority in providing support program which can increase job satisfaction, improve employee well-being, and prevent outstanding employees from leaving. This result can benefit human resource enthusiasts in selecting important tools to improve work quality and increase staff retention implications for practice and academics are discussed.
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