Enhancing Students in Argumentative Speech/Text, Cultivating Future Active Citizens

Athina Ntoulia
It is common knowledge that a significant amount of the knowledge is transmitted by texts at school, so students be able to deeply understand and learn what they read (Slavin, Lake, Chambers, Cheung, & Davis, 2009). Speaking and writing meaningfully is of great importance and one of the goals of every education system. Nowadays, the development of argumentative speech is crucial and of great pedagogical value for the formation of personality and the cognitive success of students. Although it is more difficult to argue than to narrate, it has been proved that students who have been trained to construct arguments at the same time they develop multiple communication skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing (Lunsford et al., 2009; Kuhn & Crowell, 2011) and gradually achieve to foster critical literacy and obtain life skills. Besides, we use argument in various situations of our daily communication with others, in which we aim to persuade them to adopt a point of view or a behavior. That’s why it is of crucial importance to learn to use the right tools/means in order to claim our rights as active citizens.
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