Road Safety Policy and Surveillance in the City of Bamenda: Mechanisms of Intervention for Sustainable Development

Cliford Kwenui Tachi Lawrence Fon Fombe
Road safety improvement is becoming a major policy issue for road authorities in Cameroon as a consequence of the increasing number of traffic volume and accidents in cities and on highways. Road accidents create both social and economic costs on the country’s economy in general and the city of Bamenda in particular. Road safety policy is a set of principles of behaviour and measures put in place to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured in the course of using the road. An assessment on the level of implementation of the road safety policy and surveillance in the city of Bamenda was carried out over a period of six months (April to June and September to December, 2020) corresponding respectively to end and resumption of the academic year and December considered to be a festive period of the year. Data collection was achieved through observations of the behaviour of road users, questionnaires administered to drivers and stakeholders of the transport sector (especially on major thoroughfares), interviews with policy makers among others. Findings were complimented with secondary data sources and illustrate that there is a lack of collaboration among the stakeholders involved in the implementation of road safety measures in the city. There is limited trained policy makers, poor governance, lack of surveillance instruments, dilapidated road infrastructures and the non-respect of existing road signs by the road users. Mechanisms of intervention have been proffered to ensure road safety and surveillance through policy implementation; a proper technical supervision of the vehicle inspection centers, lead agency with dedicated and sufficiently trained stakeholders and the installation of surveillance cameras at strategic junctions among others.
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