A Future Vision of Mathematics Teacher Preparation Program at the Universities

Meeaad Jasim Salman Al-Sarry Ilham Jabbar Faris Ban Hassan Majeed
The current research aims to evaluate the Mathematics teacher preparation program by identifying the views of the fourth stage students / College of Education - Department of Mathematics at the University of Baghdad towards the accompanying teaching methods and comparing them with the views Education College students - Department of Mathematics at Al-Mustansiriya University. Then identifying the reasons for the different points of view between the students of the two universities and proposing a future vision for the development of Mathematics teacher preparation programs in the faculties of education. The descriptive-analytical approach and the comparative approach were used. To achieve its goals, a scale was built to evaluate the reality of the Mathematics teacher preparation program from the students’ point of view. The scale consisted of (24) items, which were applied after completing the period of practical application on a sample of (100) students from the mathematics departments - fourth stage, divided equally between College of Education for pure science / Ibn Al-Haitham, University of Baghdad, and College of Education, Al-Mustansiriya University. The search results were summarized, accordingly, the researchers presented a set of recommendations and suggestions that would benefit from the research and its results.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

ISSN(Online): 2766-6778

Frequency: Quarterly

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