Role of Pedagogical Training on Teaching Competencies in Higher Education: A Case Study of Egerton University

Margaret K. Orori Fred N. Keraro Samuel W. Wachanga
University education is a critical pillar of economic development worldwide. Its role in economic development points at the norms, attitudes, ethics and knowledge that Universities inculcate in students. For Universities to achieve their mandate they require effective teaching. Effective teaching and quality graduates require university academic staff to possess a combination of content and pedagogical knowledge. However, University lecturers’ teaching competencies are unsatisfactory. In many countries, securing a teaching job in a university does not require an applicant to present any proof of teaching capability. A PhD or its equivalent is the key criterion or pre-requisite to prove scholarly competence. On the other hand nothing is required to prove pedagogical competence, a competence in the precise skills an individual is anticipated to use in the practice. Therefore, Egerton University launched a pedagogical training course for lecturers to enhance their pedagogical competencies. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of the pedagogical training in equipping science lecturers with requisite pedagogical skills for effective instruction. The research design was Causal comparative research. The accessible population was all lecturers from four faculties that offered science-oriented courses. Proportionate random sampling was used to select a sample of 120 respondents. Classroom Practices Questionnaire (CPQ) and Science Teaching Observation Schedule (STOS) were used to collect data. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test and chi-square. The findings indicate that the pedagogical training improved the overall lecturers’ competences in planning for instruction and selection of instructional methods. However, lecture method was still preferred due to large class-sizes and workload. They frequently used whiteboard and PowerPoint with occasional use of videos and real objects due to suitability, availability of the media, class size and easy to use. Following these findings, it is recommended that there is need for compulsory and continuous pedagogical training of the university teaching staff to enhance their overall teaching competencies. Lecturers should be sensitized on the need for enhanced teaching competencies, which are not only influenced by their areas of specialization but by pedagogical training. Pedagogical training should be a requirement for the recruitment of lecturers at the universities in addition to academic qualifications in their areas of specialization.
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