The Paradox of Sartre’s Existentialism: An Islamic Interpretation of “Existentialism is a Humanism”

Muhammad Rizwan Junaid Khadija Naz
The conceptual foundations of Sartre’s Existentialism seem absurd, contradictory and intellectually ambiguous that do not provide a multi-dimensional and comprehensive view with the help of which Sartre’s core ideology can be understood in the real sense of words. This paper deals with Sartre’s Thesis as presented in his famous lecture “Existentialism is a Humanism” and further establishes counter arguments with religious and philosophical perspective to prove that Sartre’s viewpoint was primarily appears shorter in height referencing philosophical and religious scholarships. The essential thought process applied by Sartre seems tinted with his very own personal intricacies and religious biasness. He has established basic arguments keeping under consideration the theological doctrine of Christianity; neither he had any knowledge of Islam nor he studied the essentials of this religion and without doing so; he posed his argument about GOD. This paper is an initial attempt towards highlighting these gaps and bring forward the rudiments of original argument.
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