Regeneration of Sociology in the New World

Dr. Aytul Kasapoglu
Bruno Latour, one of the most important French sociologist and philosopher of our time, known for his studies of science and technology, and his challenging views in Actor Network Theory (1-2) which he developed later, as well as his work We Have Never Been Modern(3), have been quite influential on mainstream sociology. In fact, Bruno Latour has a special place in the eyes of scientists who resist the positivist and empiricist assumptions of classical sociology. Although his views in terms of making a revolution in sociology are very valuable, he could not find a chance to apply much in sociology, which was oppressed under the hegemony of the Anglo Saxon scientific world. Moreover, because of his death at a quite young age, there is a high risk that his challenging contributions will be forgotten. This article aims to rethink Bruno Latour and maintain his legacy. While limited by his original views in his most recent work, it is possible that this paper may serve as a stimulus to lay people as well as academics who want to do more productive relational studies for the New World.
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